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How many Chinese textile teams are there in the World Cup?

The World Cup in Qatar is in full swing. The top eight have been decided, Beijing time on the evening of December 9, the quarter-finals will be played again to attract the attention of fans around the world.

  This year’s World Cup, the Chinese men’s soccer team still did not go. However, the Chinese textile “representative team” went, and the lineup is quite large. In Qatar, many of the teams participating in the national flag, jerseys, hats, shoes and socks, scarves, backpacks, mascot fabric toys, etc., are Chinese textile products.

  What does the Chinese textile “team” rely on to beat the competition and shine in the World Cup? In international events frequently appear in the Chinese textile “team”, the future how to go well “to defend” the road?

  High-profile “march”

  The World Cup in Qatar is in full swing.

  Shortly after the start of the tournament, some of the participating teams’ flags were out of stock and in short supply. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wandelong”) worked overtime to make more than 60,000 flags to be flown to Qatar urgently.

  As early as in the World Cup qualifying stage, Wandelong started to make car flags and hand flags for this World Cup. Up to now, this enterprise has produced nearly 2 million flags of various types such as national flags, string flags and hand-waved flags for this World Cup. “At the end of September this year, a large number of flags have been delivered to Qatar. But as the tournament progresses, purchasers will place orders at any time according to the tournament, and the delivery period for these orders is shorter.” The company’s general manager Xiao Changai introduced, “The company’s production line is currently at full capacity, with a single-day output of about 20,000 sides.”

  The fast response, complete supply and excellent workmanship of Chinese textile companies have been recognized by international customers. Due to the punctual delivery, precise printing and high color fastness of flags, Wandron has become a contracted supplier to many soccer clubs and multinational soccer tournaments around the world, and the match flag business accounts for more than 50% of the enterprise’s total business. Starting from the 1998 World Cup in France, Wondrous has provided flags for 7 consecutive World Cups.

  In Qatar, “Chinese textile” is also “present” in large numbers in the official World Cup merchandise stores. Many jerseys, shoes and socks, hats, backpacks and other special products, are from the “Made in China”.

  Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “DANAS”) has issued more than 2 million pieces of Qatar World Cup fan jerseys. “As early as March this year, the company began to stock around the World Cup, and even a single customer order of more than 100,000 pieces. To ensure sufficient supplies, the company has expanded its warehouse and also reached cooperation with seven factories in Guangdong and Guangxi to ensure the smooth production of fan jerseys.” Company founder Wen Congmian said that after the World Cup matches were officially played, the current overseas sales of fan jerseys far exceeded expectations, and some purchasers also added orders.

  It is worth mentioning that Danaes has also improved the jerseys in terms of design according to the fans’ preferences. “The fan jerseys we produce are based on the original but different from the original, with changes in color and style, and then some special elements are added.” Wen Congmian took the Portugal fan jersey as an example to introduce that the original version of the jersey was made in red and green to do the top and bottom color blocking, and the improved jersey did the left and right color blocking while keeping the original color matching premise, and incorporated the national flag elements into it.

  After three months of polishing, all the samples of fan jerseys of the 32 participating teams were released. Wen sent the samples to overseas customers one by one and soon received positive feedback. When one customer saw the Brazil and Argentina fan jerseys, he immediately reserved nearly 40,000 pieces.

  As one of the official suppliers of Qatar World Cup fan scarves and hats, the 32 participating teams, there are 28 teams of fan scarves and hats are produced by Zhejiang Hangzhou Strange Flower Computer Knitting Co. The company’s sales manager Jiang Changhong introduced, the enterprise specializing in the production of knitted products for more than 20 years, has become the World Cup, the European Championships, the English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and other events long-term suppliers.

  Zhenze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, there are more than 30 enterprises producing Arabian headscarf and its supporting products. A company named Sunshine Clothing in the district has rushed to make more than 100,000 Arabian headscarves, which have recently been sent to Qatar. The material of this batch of headscarves is 100% mercerized cotton, each headscarf four corners are printed with the Qatar “World Cup” logo, there are six colors.

  Ltd. more than 140 looms are also in full swing to make hijab. “This year is the best year for Arab headscarf sales. At present, the enterprise production orders have been scheduled until the Spring Festival. It is expected to achieve sales of 50 million yuan for the whole year, an increase of more than 20% year-on-year.” Sheng Xinjiang, president of Wujiang District Hijab Textile Chamber of Commerce and chairman of Aulint Crafts Co., Ltd. introduced that the company is currently cooperating with Jiangnan University to develop an intelligent weaving production management system and build an intelligent factory.

  Technology pressure group

  How strong is the Chinese textile “team”?

  In fact, not only the World Cup, in many international events, there are Chinese textile “team” athletic figure.

  The key to the “representative team” skill is the strong and solid industrial base. After years of development, China’s textile industry is huge, the industrial chain supply chain is perfect, the workforce is skilled, product quality is excellent, and production efficiency is significantly improved.

  The Qatar World Cup mascot “Raib” is a cute appearance fire out of the circle. “We are fortunate to be selected in the global competition of more than 30 manufacturers to get the official authorization, responsible for the design and production of mascot plush toys, backpacks and other official souvenirs.” (hereinafter referred to as “Che Che Culture”) general manager Chen Leigang said, Che Che Culture successfully got the authorization, which is inseparable from the advantages of the textile industry in Dongguan, where the enterprise is located.

  It is understood that Dongguan has more than 4,000 toy production enterprises, nearly 1,500 upstream and downstream supporting enterprises, is the country’s largest toy export base.

  Chen Leigang said that Dongguan has a complete industrial chain and skilled workers in toy production, to meet the production of complex orders. Most of the processes of “Laib” plush toys are done by hand by workers. In the hand-sewing process, workers sew together small bags filled with cotton, and also sew a braid on the head of the “Raib”.

  China Textile News reporter learned that most of the workers here have more than 10 years of experience in toy making. The World Cup order can be delivered smoothly, thanks to this. “The mascot plush toys in the secondary development process, the participating companies are from Dongguan local.” Chen Leigang said that the enterprise has been delivered to the local market in Qatar hundreds of thousands of “Laib” plush toys, because “Laib” is very popular with fans, the later orders may also increase.

  According to estimates, “made in Yiwu” has accounted for the entire Qatar World Cup surrounding goods market share of 70%.

  According to the sky-eye data show that there are currently more than 155,000 sporting goods-related enterprises in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, of which 51,000 new registered enterprises from January to October this year, the average monthly growth rate of 42.6%. Data also show that, as of now, there are about 12,000 soccer industry-related business enterprises nationwide, and Yiwu has more than thousands of enterprises engaged in football-related business. It can be seen that Yiwu occupy a large market share of goods around the World Cup in Qatar, is no accident.

  R & D capabilities are also “made in Yiwu” important business card. In recent years, Yiwu textile enterprises to deepen the industry chain, not only to cultivate their own brands, strengthen the design of R & D applications for patents, but also according to the needs of fans from different countries to design products to expand the user. The use of sky-eye search patent search function, found only “scarf” this individual category, Yiwu enterprises currently have at least 1965 various types of patents.

  From the 1990s Zhenze Town, the first Arab headscarf enterprises since its inception, after more than 30 years of development, Zhenze Town, Arab headscarf industry sales accounted for 70% of national export sales. Sheng Xinjiang analysis, the reason for such a situation, there are three main reasons. First, the current number of similar enterprises in the country does not exceed 40, of which 31 are concentrated in Wujiang. Second, after the establishment of Wujiang District turban textile chamber of commerce, 31 enterprises through the unified raw material procurement, product sales price system, standardize industry self-regulation behavior, enhance the development of advantages. Third, under the guidance of the district turban textile chamber of commerce, each enterprise has increased investment in technological innovation, take the road of technology, automation, brand development, and promote the industry to achieve overall high-quality development.

  Sheng Xinjiang said, “Zhenze town Arab headscarf industry development will give full play to industrial concentration, talent density and other advantages, accelerate the pace of innovation and creation, and continue to polish the golden signboard of Wujiang characteristic industries.”

  Continuously “defend the title”

  Chinese textile “team” in international events frequently appear, and even repeatedly “win the top”.

  Chinese textile people are also thinking, China’s textile “team” how to take a good “defense” of the road? An important direction, is to firmly take the “technology, fashion, green” road of development.

  In the global advocacy of low-carbon economy, the concept of green environmental protection, green low-carbon, science and technology to support the development of China’s textile industry has become an important direction.

  In the “double carbon” goal, China’s textile industry is actively promoting the road to green development. China Textile Industry Federation President Sun Rui Zhe said that the textile industry is an important force in building a symbiotic development pattern of production, life and ecological beauty. As one of the first industrial sectors in China to put forward the goal of carbon neutrality, the textile industry is at the forefront of sustainable management innovation, energy and water conservation, pollution prevention and control, comprehensive utilization of resources, green manufacturing and other aspects, and is an important promoter of global sustainable governance. The industry should actively apply green technologies, promote green consumption, improve green standards and continuously promote green and low-carbon transformation up and down the entire industrial chain.

  At this year’s World Cup in Qatar, Chinese textiles also actively helped Qatar realize the concept of green and technology.

  ”In Qatar, 13 teams took the field wearing high-tech jerseys developed by us, which are made of 100% renewable polyester fiber. In addition, these new jerseys feature precisely enhanced sweat-wicking and breathable areas after collecting and collating player data, which means that the players can be cooled more effectively in the areas of their bodies that need cooling the most.” Nike’s suppliers in China told reporters that there was a technology process of “from used plastic bottles to brand new jerseys”, but the actual utilization rate was not high enough, but now it is 100% made of renewable polyester.

  Che Che Culture is a cultural and creative company dedicated to the design, development, production and sales of licensed products for major sports events. It can become the supplier of World Cup mascots, which is the result of Chen Leigang’s ten years of deep commitment to the cultural and creative industry. Through innovative technology and improved design, the secondary design team led by Chen Leigang made seven versions of samples in two months, from the traditional form of stuffed printed dolls to the finished products shaped like flying wings.

  Chen Leigang also told a small story about “Laib”. “At the opening ceremony, each audience was given a large envelope with a Raib glove doll, which was also produced by us. That was a temporary additional task for the organizing committee. We received the demand at 5 p.m., and the sample was made at 11 p.m. This reflects the importance of a company’s R&D and design capability.” Chen Leigang believes that the value brought by doing production processing manufacturing is limited, only creative research and development can bring lasting vitality to the enterprise.

Post time: Dec-10-2022