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Manufacturer Collaboration, Better Price.

It is not a trading company, it directly connects with the factory and gives you the best price.

Lower MOQ, More Flexibility.

Starting at just 50pcs, we save your budget and reduce inventory risk.

Complete Team, 15 Years Of Experience

To provide one-stop apparel manufacturing solutions, the expert team helps you with design and production.

What Sets Us Apart

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Strong Capacity

With our 2,000 square meter facility and top-notch equipment, we can produce a variety of clothing categories, with an annual output of over 3,000,000 pieces, greatly boosting your production efficiency.

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15+ Years Of Experience

Rich production experience, professional team, and experienced workers not only ensure quality but also provide fast delivery.

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Extremely Low MOQ

The minimum order quantity for most styles is 50 pcs/color, which not only reduces your inventory risk, but also allows you to start your fashion clothing business within your limited budget

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Full Support & Service

From pre-sales to manufacture and after-sales, we will provide the tailored solution according to your design and quote within 24 hours.

Here's How We Can Help You

One-Stop Factory

With us, you can get everything you need manufactured under one roof, from clothing to personalized tags and packaging.

We handle the complete supply chain thanks to our multidisciplinary, comprehensive approach, which allows you to invest the time, money, and effort you would have spent negotiating with various garment manufacturers back into your company.

Bring Creative Ideas To Life

We’ll work with you to realize your idea and vision if you share it with us.

So that you have one less worry and can concentrate on marketing and brand development, we take care of developing your ideas and leading the garment manufacturing process.

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Lower Your Inventory Risk

With our low MOQ of just 50–100 pieces per design, you can avoid deadstock, excess supply, and resource waste.

As a new brand, you’ll be able to learn from this what works and what doesn’t without endangering the environment or paying exorbitant fees.

We Guarantee Our Quality

We are proud of our ethics and standards, and we have quality control procedures that are more stringent than those used in the market.

Because we are dedicated about producing high-quality clothes, our customer reviews reflect the high standards we uphold.

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Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

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I’ve been working with this clothing manufacturer for years, and they never cease to amaze me. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality are unmatched. My designs come to life flawlessly every time!

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As a fashion startup, finding a reliable manufacturing partner was crucial. Gordon not only delivered on their promise but also provided valuable insights that helped improve my designs. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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I was initially concerned about the minimum order quantity, but I was pleasantly surprised by how accommodating they were. The quality of the clothing exceeded my expectations, and the process was smooth from start to finish

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Gordon range of sweater styles and impeccable craftsmanship made it possible for me to offer a diverse collection to my customers. Their efficiency and professionalism are second to none, making them my go-to manufacturer.

Let us take your clothing business to the next level, now! →

Following an understanding of your demands, we will allow our designers to assist you in providing an entirely free solution, replete with design drawings.

We usually respond to your message within 12 business hours.

Write your message here and send it to us