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2022 China Textile Conference was held

On December 29, 2022 China Textile Conference was held in Beijing in the form of online and offline. The conference included the second expanded meeting of the fifth executive council of the China Textile Industry Federation, the “Light of Textile” China Textile Industry Federation Science and Technology Education Award Conference, the China Textile Innovation Annual Conference, the China Textile Entrepreneurs Annual Conference, and the China Textile and Garment Industry Social Responsibility Annual Conference.

  The five conferences were held for four consecutive years, with high efficiency and synergy, summarizing the past year’s industry development, analyzing and judging the future development trend of the industry, exchanging and sharing development experience, and commending and rewarding advanced models and innovative achievements, drawing a successful conclusion to the extraordinary 2022.

  China Textile Federation President Sun Rui Zhe, Secretary-General Summer Min, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Chen Weikang, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Wang Jiuxin, Vice President Xu Yingxin, Chen Dapeng, Li Lingshen, Tuan Xiaoping, Yang Zhaohua and other leaders attended the meeting in the main venue; China Textile Federation Party Committee Secretary Gao Yong, former President Du Yuzhou, Wang Tiankai, former Vice President Xu Kunyuan and other leaders, as well as members of the Expert Advisory Committee, the fifth session of the China Textile Federation Council, executive directors The meeting was attended by more than 320 people, including the invited vice presidents, supervisors, the relevant provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Textile Association and the head of the industry management department, all departments of China Textile Federation, members of the leadership team of each member unit. Among them, China Textile Federation’s fifth second executive council should attend the number of 86, the actual number of 83 attendees, in line with the provisions of the constitution.

  Xia Lingmin presided over the meeting.

  The meeting listened to the work report made by Sun Rui Zhe; China Textile Federation of the leaders of the various divisions introduced the “light of textile” science and technology education awards overall, read out the “on the award of 2022 China Textile Industry Federation Product Development Contribution Award and other honorary titles,” introduced the 2021 -2022 National Excellent Textile Entrepreneur, National Excellent Textile Young Entrepreneur Review and other general situation, read out the “decision to inform and commend the pioneer units and contributors of climate innovation action in China’s textile and garment industry”; four representatives from universities and enterprises around the textile and garment industry innovation talent training, scientific and technological innovation, green transformation, brand leadership to make typical The four representatives from universities and enterprises made typical speeches on innovative talent cultivation, scientific and technological innovation, green transformation and brand leadership in the textile and garment industry.

  Work Report

  Sun Rui Zhe made a work report with the title of “Firm confidence, steady progress, and open a new situation of high-quality development”. He stressed that 2022 is an extraordinary year, a dividing line and a turning point. In the past year, experienced the unprecedented impact of the new crown epidemic, the profound impact of geopolitics, the world economy continues to be in the doldrums, the external environment is windy and stormy, and various risks and challenges far exceed expectations. The changes in the world, the times and history unfolded in an unprecedented manner. Facing the risks and challenges, under the correct leadership of the Party Central Committee, with resilience and patience, determination and decisiveness, we have crossed many peaks and turned the tide against the wind, survived the most difficult moments and ushered in a major transformation in fighting the epidemic and recovering the economy.

  The transformation is not only reflected in the opportunity of development, but also in the constant momentum. He pointed out that the 20th National Congress of the Party was held triumphantly, which opened a grand picture of promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in a comprehensive manner with Chinese-style modernization. The report of the 20th Party Congress pointed out that “high-quality development is the primary task of comprehensively building a modern socialist country.” “Without a solid material and technological foundation, it is impossible to build a strong socialist modern country in a comprehensive manner.” “Build a modern industrial system, insist on putting the focus of economic development on the real economy, and promote new industrialization.” This has pointed out a bright future and provided a fundamental guideline for our next work.

  At the meeting, Sun Rui Zhe introduced in detail the situation and achievements of the industry in 2022. He stressed that the industry has worked effectively and contributed to the stable development of the economy and society. First, problem-oriented, integrated current and long-term, to guide the healthy development of the industry; second, market-oriented, bridging domestic and international, into the new development pattern; third, the system to promote, balance security and development, to protect the stability of the industry chain supply chain; fourth, innovation-driven, focusing on science and technology and talent, the construction of the industry’s strategic support system; fifth, value-led, to stimulate the vitality and potential, to promote the high-quality development of the industry; sixth, coordinated development Sixth, coordinated development, linking industries and regions to optimize the spatial layout of industries.

  At present, the uncertainty and vulnerability of the external environment has increased significantly. Geopolitical conflicts continue to deepen, the global economy faces the risk of recession, showing high shock and low growth characteristics. In the face of challenges, he stressed the need to strengthen confidence, identify opportunities and open up new innings in the process of Chinese-style modernization. Grasp the market reshuffle in the intensive development opportunities; grasp the opportunity of brand growth in the consumer downturn environment; grasp the opportunity of diversified layout in the industrial pattern adjustment.

  He pointed out that the current Chinese textile industry has been from the high-speed growth stage to the stage of high-quality development, in the transformation of the development mode, optimize the industrial structure, the transformation of the growth momentum of the hurdle period. In this regard, we have to comply with the objective law, focus on the strength. He stressed the need to grasp the focus, the system to promote the effective improvement of quality and reasonable growth in quantity. Among them, we should focus on improving total factor productivity; focus on improving the supply chain resilience and security of the industrial chain; and focus on promoting coordinated industrial and regional development.

  The year 2023 is the opening year of the full implementation of the spirit of the 20th Party Congress and the start of the new journey of building a modern socialist country in a comprehensive manner. In the face of future development, he stressed that we should concentrate our efforts, be practical and realistic, and do a good job in the industry services in 2023. First, to improve expectations as the entry point to guide the healthy development of industry; second, to steady progress as the general tone, consolidate the basic plate of industrial development; third, to expand domestic demand as the primary task, to create a new cycle of industrial development; fourth, to keep righteous innovation as the direction, to accelerate the construction of modern industrial system; fifth, to focus on industrial layout, to promote urban-rural integration and regional coordinated development.

  Times like a torch, faith like a rock; spring and autumn as a pen, warp and woof is the map. Let us ride on the long wind of the times to break the waves, work with one heart and courage to move forward, always put development on the base of our own strength, make a good start, make a good start, and add more embroidery to the process of Chinese-style modernization with a sober and resolute action, excellent vision, generous festival, and quality and realistic heart.

  Recognition and Awards

  Li Lingshen introduced the general situation of the “Light of Textile” Science and Technology Education Award.

  Xu Yingxin introduced the overall situation of the 2021-2022 National Excellent Textile Entrepreneur and National Excellent Young Textile Entrepreneur Review.

  Chen Dapeng read out the “Decision on Awarding the Honorary Title of Product Development Contribution Award of China Textile Industry Federation in 2022″ and “Decision on Informing and Commending the Pioneer Units and Contributors of Climate Innovation Action in China Textile and Garment Industry”.

  Typical Speech

  The meeting invited four representatives from universities and enterprises, including Zhou Zhijun, Party Secretary of Beijing Institute of Fashion, Wang Yuping, General Manager of Pleasant Home Textile Co., Ltd, Long Fangsheng, General Manager of Zhejiang Meixinda Textile Printing and Dyeing Technology Co.

  Zhou Zhijun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Fashion College, talked about the development of the textile and garment industry in the new era, the industry’s requirements for talent and the training of innovative talents. She introduced that the textile and garment industry, which is closely related to the production and life of the people, is an important supporting force for Chinese-style modernization. Education is the great plan of the country and the party. As a distinctive garment college, Beifu has always served the textile and garment industry, gradually formed the characteristics of “art-oriented, garment-led, art-industrial integration”, and delivered a large number of talents to the textile and garment industry. In the cultivation of talents, the focus is on eclecticism and innovation.

  Zhou Zhijun believes that the key to the prosperity of the business is in the people. The higher quality development of textile and garment industry for Chinese modernization also needs more innovative talents to lead and drive. Beifun has now formed a complete chain of talent selection, utilization, cultivation and retention. In this talent work chain, Beifun and its sister institutions have a professional system of disciplines and experience in nurturing people for the whole industry chain, while major enterprises are at the forefront of the textile and garment industry and have a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the textile and garment talents that meet the development needs of the new era. Eager to strengthen pragmatic cooperation with the industry, under the overall leadership of the China Textile Federation, to build a new posture of talent training community, jointly committed to training industry industry innovation top talent. Specifically, it is to establish three major concepts, build a new pattern of integrated development of education and industry; optimize four ecologies, build a good environment for collaborative education of the community; improve six mechanisms, realize collaborative education of school, association and enterprise; innovate three practices, promote collaborative education to go deep and practical.

  Ltd. General Manager Wang Yuping shared the experience of green technology transformation of the enterprise with the actual development of Pleasant Home Textiles. Pleasant Home Textiles has formed ten advantages in science and technology innovation, industrial design, talent education, intelligent manufacturing, green low-carbon, brand management, element matching, standard setting, market reputation, social responsibility, etc. Through comprehensive advantages and innovation ability, the company has completed “two transformations” in production and operation: namely In terms of industry, the company has transformed from a single home textile to the integration of home and industrial textile, and in terms of products, the company has transformed from regular general products to “special and new” green low-carbon products, developed two categories of new health textile products, opened up a new mode of CBTI digital sleep therapy, created a new way of green flexible supply chain, and opened up a new direction of future research and development. The company has moved towards the high-end of the industry.

  He introduced that in 2022, Pleasant Home Textiles mainly innovated in the following aspects: Firstly, it developed new health textile products, expanded and extended to the value enhancement degree, and independently developed a variety of new medical health fiber materials and a series of new products for healthy sleep. Secondly, we have opened up a new mode of digital medical treatment, expanding and extending to the degree of consumer precision. Thirdly, it has opened up a new way of flexible supply and extended to the degree of cooperation and dependence, such as selecting explosive products after sales; zero inventory based on sales; fast sales and fast return with excellent performance. Four is to open up a new direction of future research and development, to expand and extend the depth of the industry, focusing on medical textile materials, health care textile materials, protective textile materials and other three aspects of force.

  In the face of future development, Wang Yuping said, in the future pleasure home textile will be in accordance with the transformation and upgrading, high-quality development requirements, fill the short board, strong weaknesses, increase advantages, around the digital empowerment, green transformation and consumer upgrading three ultimate goals, and constantly promote the innovation chain, industry chain, supply chain and value chain kinetic energy conversion, governance improvement, low-carbon technology driven innovation and development, digital factory to promote transformation and upgrading, health products Cultivate new kinetic energy, accelerate the conversion of old and new kinetic energy in the textile segment, achieve high-quality development, and play high-end manufacturing brand and special consumer brand, and continue to strive for the textile industry to move towards high-quality development.

  Long Fangsheng, general manager of Zhejiang Meixinda Textile Printing and Dyeing Technology Co., Ltd. shared the green cycle to help the sustainable development of the enterprise. Meixinda has been committed to promoting the sustainable development of green ecological and recycling products, constantly optimizing production technology, improving efficiency, achieving energy saving and emission reduction, etc. By digitally improving the green control system, Meixinda has won a number of green production category awards from national level, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Textile Industry Federation and other organizations since 2018.

  In terms of green design, the company first selects more environmentally friendly fibers in raw materials for diversified combination and design. Product development mainly focuses on green, functional sports, of which, organic product certification this year, an increase of 22% year-on-year, recycled certified products increased by 68%. The company continues to create core ecological series of new products and establish a clear, comprehensive and visual product matrix presentation system. In the first 11 months of this year, product export sales increased by 63% year-on-year.

  In terms of green production, the company has long cooperated with Donghua University, Jiangnan University and other universities in green emission reduction and other projects. Since 2018, the use of photovoltaic power generation accounts for 18% of the company’s electricity consumption for printing and dyeing, which can reduce 1,274 tons of carbon dioxide per year. In addition, Maxinda has created smart manufacturing solutions from the equipment layer, resource layer, platform layer, and application layer through information technology and digitalization to comprehensively improve energy efficiency and production management projects, including degree energy, APS scheduling, intelligent fabric inspection, and automatic color measurement and matching. Through source control, end management and online monitoring of energy data to reduce operation and maintenance costs; flexible production to meet the customer’s “inventory pressure management”; and the transformation of the double tank overflow machine to achieve the ERP, automatic dispensing system, central control system information data interaction.

  In terms of social environment, the company has always been compliant with carbon reduction, and in 2021 actively participated in the development of standards for technical specifications related to waste textile recycling. Mr. Long said that Maxinda will continue to work with industry colleagues to build an “ecosystem” for China’s textile value chain.

  Lin Ping, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Daley Silk (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. introduced the development experience of the company from four aspects, focusing on digital intelligence empowerment and green innovation.

  First, energy saving and emission reduction, equipment iteration to achieve the old and new dynamic energy conversion. Dali silk intelligent rapier loom, intelligent electronic jacquard machine, intelligent high-speed knitting machine all imported from Italy; eliminated the traditional silk fabric refining production line, replaced by energy-saving and environmentally friendly high-temperature and high-pressure alkali-free water refining production line; the introduction of today’s most advanced fully automated through the heald machine, a machine can replace 20 manual, etc..

  Second, green development, clean energy to build a low-carbon model. The company has built a photovoltaic power generation system with an installed capacity of 8 MW on the roof of the plant, with an annual power generation capacity of about 8 million degrees, which can meet 95% of the company’s electricity demand; the company saves about 38,000 tons of standard coal, reduces dust by about 50 tons, reduces carbon dioxide emissions by about 8,000 tons and reduces sulfur dioxide emissions by about 80 tons per year. The company has also built a new 3,500-ton silk gum protein treatment system with advanced technology and excellent equipment, and the COD emission index of the treated effluent discharged through the pipeline is far lower than the environmental protection emission requirements.

  Thirdly, the company is empowered by digital intelligence, and has achieved cost reduction and efficiency increase by information transformation. In recent years, through “four process reengineering”, the company has carried out intelligent information transformation of traditional equipment, established a whole-process digital intelligence integration system, and built an unattended intelligent black light workshop at night, which has reduced the number of workers in the preparation workshop from 500 to 70, and increased the equipment operation rate from 75% to over 95%. The company applied 5Gn+industrial internet technology to deeply integrate MES production management system with fashion industry and build a silk accessory smart factory with manufacturing integration, management intelligence, data informatization and control automation to realize seamless integration of production process from design, weaving, cutting, receiving and sending, sewing, finishing and ironing, pinning and labeling to inspection and packaging. Production cycle from 30 days to 7 days, production capacity increased by 5-10 times, to promote new production models and innovative applications in the silk industry.

  Fourth, scientific and technological innovation to achieve sustainable development with technological innovation. The company’s scientific research team, through the transformation of silk fabric refining equipment and process innovation, realized the recovery and extraction of silk gum protein and reduced the cost of silk fabric refining wastewater treatment, achieving both environmental benefits and economic benefits.

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