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Spring pure cashmere women’s cardigan sweater V-neck sweater

Short Description:

The material is made from high quality Mongolian goat, and the raw cashmere fiber is hand-combed to form purer cashmere. [Very soft and comfortable feeling] Width 14-16.5 microns, long fiber length 35-50 mm cashmere. Each wear provides a unique soft touch and significantly reduces risk. Insulated and Breathable Cashmere comes with breathable pockets to provide excellent insulation. The breathable material is made of natural fibers. Not easy to Pilling, lasting performance Long and elastic fiber,2 ply knitted durable yarn provides small pilling effect with the right care solution.

Product Detail

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100% cashmere(customized materials can be made according to demand).
The composition information is subject to the material. The details of the product composition of the spliced material will be displayed separately.

Upper body feeling
This article is of standard size. It is recommended to choose your usual size
Cut for comfort
Made of lightweight fabric

Washing and maintenance:
The temperature of washing bath should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. An aqueous solution of detergent is usually prepared with water at room temperature. When washing, do not use washboard scrubbing, should choose light washing, washing time should not be too long, in order to prevent shrink. Do not wring after washing, squeeze by hand to remove moisture, and then drain

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